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Stay up to date on the work that Friends of Tanzania is accomplishing through its General Fund Project Grants and Member-Designated Projects. As a member, you will receive the FOT Newsletter, E-Blasts, and announcements of events.

FOT’s NewsletterMbegu za Urafiki/Seeds of Friendship, comes out twice per year and has articles about Tanzania, along with informative summaries of FOT-funded Projects that were recently completed, are currently underway, or have just been approved.

And key taps on FOT’s social media – FacebookLinkedIn and Instagram – for announcements and promotion of a wide range of events, news and developments related to FOT and Tanzania.

Staying up to date with the E-Blasts and Newsletters is great, but one of the best ways to stay updated is to Volunteer with Friends of Tanzania! It is a great way to help the important work that we do, as well as to get to know some wonderful, like-minded people who share a love for Tanzania and its people.

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