What We Do

Friends of Tanzania provides a platform and network for people who love and wish to remain connected to Tanzania and with each other. FOT allows members to continue promoting Village Community Development efforts in appropriate, inclusive and effective ways.

While many of our members were Peace Corps Volunteers in Tanzania, our membership also includes others who have spent considerable time in the country, are from East Africa, or have other meaningful connections. We all share an affection for Tanzania, its people and its culture, and a desire to assist in promoting development in the country.

Between our General Fund Project Grants and the Member-Designated Project Grants, FOT has funded over $930,000 of projects in Tanzania since its formation in 1991.

This video presents an overview of Friends of Tanzania as an organization, with a special focus on our community development projects in Tanzania. The video showcases the work of three of our partners (Africa School Assistance Project (ASAP), Jiamini, Toa Nafasi) and highlights some of the amazing projects that were made possible by both members and non-members who donated to FOT’s General Fund.


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