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Friends of Tanzania is an all-volunteer organization and we are always looking for more passionate folks to help! In the same way that we need financial donations to improve the lives of community members in rural Tanzania, we also need folks to donate their time to keep our organization running smoothly if we want to use those funds effectively. Interested? Great! Below is a brief overview of a few opportunities:


Projects Committee

(4 hours/month)

  • The Projects Committee is responsible for the review, approval, and monitoring of FOT projects!
  • Committee members serve as Project Officers for different organizations to ensure FOT only funds sustainable projects.
  • The Committee meets once a month as a check-in, but members are expected to review proposals, coordinate with their organizations, and complete other action items between meetings.
  • This is a great opportunity to develop your communication, process management, and critical thinking skills.

Fundraising Committee

(2 hours/month)

  • The Fundraising Committee is responsible for securing funds for FOT’s projects and interfacing with donors.
  • Committee members use their creativity to lead different fundraising campaigns, including project highlights, and ensure that FOT donors understand how their donations are used and feel connected with the project beneficiaries.
  • The Committee currently completes most of their work via email and meets as needed.
  • This is a great opportunity to develop your creative writing, communication, and customer service skills.

Member Engagement

(1 hour/month)

  • Reach out to new members as they join and gauge their interest in assisting in FOT’s mission and activities. o Monitor [email protected] email, responding or redirecting inquiries as appropriate.

Events Committee

(2 hours/month)

  • The Events Committee is responsible for planning all of FOT’s amazing events, including the annual Winter Party!
  • Committee members plan various events to engage FOT members and strengthen the sense of community.
  • The Committee meets as needed depending on the event and works to coordinate with guest speakers.
  • This is a great opportunity to develop your planning, coordinating, and leadership skills.


(2-4 hours/month)

  • The FOT website is an amazing place for members to learn about our work, but can always use improvements!
  • The website uses SilkStart as its platform and is relatively easy to navigate even if you don’t have a tech background.
  • Most work is done as needed over email, and includes project updates, publicizing events, and increasing web traffic.
  • This is a great opportunity for creative people to improve our messaging and visibility to our membership!

Social Media

(1 hour/month)

  • FOT wants to increase its visibility by being more active on social media to increase membership and donations.
  • Currently, FOT uses Facebook and Instagram to highlight a project once a month and publicize events as needed.
  • Additionally, FOT likes to share relevant news updates related to Tanzania with its followers to keep members up to date on current events.
  • This is a great opportunity to develop your branding, creative writing, and publicity skills.


(Block of 10 – 20 hours, two times a year)

  • FOT’s Newsletter is currently published twice a year – Spring and Fall — and printed and mailed as well as emailed. We have two great volunteers who do everything from proposing the lead articles and news to be covered, writing and soliciting articles, editing, layout, gathering photos, coordinating with the printer and mailing the hard copies. They will be passing this job on to a new set of volunteers. If you want to help shape the message that FOT broadcasts to the community, and like writing, editing and creating interesting and informative content, this is a great way for you to make an important contribution to FOT. Not only is the Newsletter a great way to keep members informed, it is a great way to generate interest and donations. We find shortly after each FOT Newsletter lands in members mail boxes (literal or email), a wave of donations come in.

Member of the Board

(2 hours/month average)

  • Being a Board Member gives you a place at the table and a voice in helping shape the future of FOT.
  • Board Members are also able to champion other initiatives, such as fundraising, member outreach, etc.
  • The Board generally meets quarterly, by zoom call, with an annual retreat in late January or early/mid- February.

Officer of the Board

(4-6 hours/month)

  • FOT currently has four officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
  • Each of these positions requires responsibility for various tasks and areas of operation.
  • In addition to the full Board meetings each quarter, the Officers participate in monthly meetings of the Executive Committee, which also includes the Immediate Past President and the Chair of the Projects Committee.


Any other ideas?

If there is a skill or interest you have, FOT would happily find a way for you to donate your time!

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please email [email protected] or Contact Us! We are always in need of volunteers, so don’t hesitate to reach out! Develop yourself and help others by volunteering with Friends of Tanzania.


And you can always contribute twice — Volunteer and Donate!

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