Frequently Asked Questions About Friends of Tanzania

Is membership open only to Peace Corps Volunteers?

Absolutely not!  The small group who started FOT in 1991 were mostly – but not all – Returned Peace Corps Volunteers. Now our members come from many different backgrounds: volunteers not only from Peace Corps, but from American Friends Service Committee, Maryknoll or other church groups, Habitat for Humanity, and many other volunteer organizations, educators and students who taught and/or studied in Tanzania, tourists and other visitors who were impressed by Tanzania, business people and government employees who have worked in Tanzania, and Tanzanians living or studying in the United States. Our Board of Directors and members of other committees often include Tanzanians and non-RPCV members.

Is there a membership fee or dues to join?

No. Friends of Tanzania recently changed to a free lifetime membership model! We do want you to join, as they provides us with your contact information so that we can share new of upcoming events and of the projects that we are doing in Tanzania. We encourage our members to donate, but it is not required.

I don't live in Washington, D.C. Can I join? How can I help?

Most of our members are from outside of the DC area, including several who live outside of the U.S. Although, pre-COVID, many of our in-person meetings are held in the D.C. area, FOT now holds and will continue hold meetings and events virtually, as well as in person when possible. Keep an eye on the newsletter, e-blasts, and website for those events. In addition, Board members living outside Washington, D.C., have always been able to attend meetings by conference call, including video calls. There are many ways you can volunteer no matter where you live – website work, social media, membership activities, social event planning, fundraising, project review, etc. Click HERE to learn more.

I'm a Tanzanian living in the U.S. Can I join and help?

Absolutely! Please join and come to our events. We need your help in many ways including advising our Board on project applications, translating applications and other documents, serving on our Board or one of our committees. We welcome you – karibuni.

How much of my donations actually go to projects?

FOT strives to ensure that at least 90% of donations goes directly to the projects FOT funds in Tanzania. Historically, FOT is at or very close to that goal. As an all volunteer group, we keep our other expenses low, but we do need to cover various administrative costs, such as the website, bookkeeping and accounting as a 501(c)3, and other costs. We also publish a Newsletter twice a year. So please be generous when donating!

How else can I help FOT besides contributing to the projects fund?

We are always looking for NGOs and other organizations who are working in Tanzania for partnership on projects and sharing information – please give us any suggestions. We also need volunteers with skills in finance, project review, website work, social media, etc. to support ongoing FOT responsibilities. Additionally, we are always looking for members who are willing to be considered for our Board. Click HERE to learn more about these opportunities.

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